RG-Lurgan is an internet radio station that plays Irish language versions of contemporary popular songs. The station is on-air 24/7 (from 3rd March) and is a mix of DJ shows and “shuffle plays” from our extensive library of popular songs as Gaeilge. Engaging full-on with Gaeilge is just a click away. Learning the lyrics of a song helps you expand your vocabulary and teach you some slang/typical phrases.

Music – a gift for language learners.

When it comes to language learning, new research reveals that your best asset may be your vocal cords, not your dictionary. Music can be a great asset for language learning and its benefits extend far beyond memorising vocabulary.
Song lyrics give learners the opportunity to practise language in context and become familiar with basic forms. They are an accessible and fairly unintimidating way to practise pronunciation / word groups and structural concepts of language.