LurganArLíne – Alternative online 2 week  cúrsa Gaeilge. Mon-Sat (12 days in total)

What Is It?

Courses will consist of 2 weeks of coursework  with a 4 hour timetable  6 days a week.

Daily schedule will consist of four 20-minute classes inter-spaced with follow on language lab independent learning component using OIDE (Lurgan’s online language lab).

Online classes are delivered using the Zoom platform and class groups are restricted to 10 learners. This allows teachers to demonstrate, instruct and facilitate a wide array of interactions, including breakout groups. Each lesson will have its own downloadable pfd outlining the exact language, dialogue & exchanges which are targeted in each lesson.

The approach is to focus on authentic conversational skills supported with high-quality follow-on audio content that learners can dependently work with after each class.

Students recordings are assessed by the teachers who give concise verbal feedback using the OIDE platform.

Daily scores & audio feedbacks are also available to parents/guardians as well an MP4 (video) version of each online class.

Can Friends Be In The Same Class?

There are 4 groups of 50 learners who are organized according to current school year.  Friends who are in the same school year can be allocated to the group. Each day the group is randomly arranged into 5 classes of 10. This means that there is a different combination of class members each day. Friends can happen be in the same class from day to day.

Interacting with new acquaintances of similar age & interests is a solid learning environment.

Is There Different Coursework For Senior Students?

Senior (post junior cert) students materials are more heavily weighted towards language enrichment. The objective is still on having phrases, sayings, idioms & expressions on the tip of your tongue and therfore at your immediate assistance when penning thoughts and opinions.

Who Will Teach The Course?

Each 2-week course is redistricted to 200 learners and is delivered by 20 teachers. All our teachers are active in 2nd level education and more importantly are committed Gaeilgeoirí (They prioritize Gaeilge  in their own lives)

Learners will get to meet all the 20 teachers for at least 2 class during the 2-week course.

Teachers will also provide audio feedback on learners recorded work. Again all 20 teachers will contribute to providing feedback for each learner.

Is There A Publication?

OIDE has a hardcover spiral bound publication that outlines the themed collections of audio file that feature in OIDE.

However, is a first draft and should be regarded as being a work in progress.

It outlines a 12-day program for both Junior & Senior learners. The course work under

Lessons are built around compilations of similar & related word groupings, and constructions.  The more practical the language content is in supporting informal dialogue as Gaeilge the more valued it is.

Learners will be forwarded a copy of OIDE which they can use to navigate the online content and undertake rapid revision of materials already covered.

What Equipment / passwords / software Is Required?

  • High speed broadband.
  • A quite working area
  • Using a PC (desktop) / Mac with a webcam for class work is preferable to a mobile device.
  • Recording audio work can be undertaken on a mobile device. Ideally headphones are used
  • The OIDE platform can be used on either Desktop (PC&Mac) or on mobile devices.
  • Lurgan provides login details for OIDE
  • Lurgan forwards by post the OIDE hardback catalogue

Each day of course Lurgan forwards:

  • 4 unique Zoom Platform links for following days lessons along with
  • PDF of dialoge/ language content for each of following days online session.
  • Links to view each of previous days lessons
  • Feedback(verbal) and assessment  on independant follow on audio work undertaken on OIDE