These are unprecedented times and it behoves us all to do what is right and appropriate. The degree of social mixing in having hundreds of teenagers partake in a 3-week cúrsa Gaeilge is the polar opposite to social distancing.  Even if community transmissions are brought under control by May there is always the very real concern that further localized cases can occur. Should this happen during a cúrsa Gaeilge it would have very serious consequences for thousands of people.

Lurgan has been funded since October last on 2k20 deposits. All the necessary preparations & arrangements have been made in setting up the 2k20 courses. Students have been allocated courses, information sessions, classes, accommodation etc… Cinnirí, cúntóirí, múinteoirí &mná tí have been recruited. Buses, minibuses have been purchased and certified. Substantial payments have been made to revenue for PAYE, PRSI, USC to cover payments for summer staff (cost is spread over 12 months). New materials have been uploaded to TG Lurgan including the LurganLingo series.   Substantial funds have gone towards purchasing a site to enable “Lurgan22”, a hugely ambitious development program. Other substantial costs include office costs, staff, rent, web & IT development, postage, printing, promotion, professional services etc ….   Over 75% of deposits received since October have been allocated to these & other costs & expenditure.

Lurgan is unable to repay the full €200 deposit but will commit to refunding €150 which is the amount repaid for cancellations under normal circumstances. Lurgan will require some State assistance to meet these obligations.

We ask those who have registered with us for 2k20 to assist us to bring order to the situation by indicating which of the three following options they wish to proceed with.

Option1 – Transferring to Lurgan-Ar-Líne: These 2-week online courses are extremely important from a morale aspect.  They will not ease our financial challenges as the staffing costs will equal the €150 cancellation refund. They will however keep our excellent teaching team engaged, relevant & proactive while offering a superb online program. This is very much in keeping with Lurgan’s sole mission – getting young people excited & passionate about our language. Find out more here.

Option 2 – Forwarding deposit to 2k21: You can forward deposit to a 2k21 course. This option would help alleviate the present financial pressure.

Proposed Dates for 2K21:
    • Cúrsa A – Wed.2th/June – Thur. 24th/ June (Average age 14)
    • Cúrsa B – Fri. 25th/June – Sat.17th/July (Average age 15-16)
    • Cúrsa C – Sun. 18th/ July – Mon. 9th August (Average age (16-17)
    • Cúrsa D – Tues. 10th August – Wed. 25th Aug (Average age 17-18)

Option 3 – Cancelling application: Lurgan will refund €150 in cases of cancellation. This repayment will not be made before September. We apologise for delay but we need to ensure that sufficient funds are in place.