Tá áiteanna do chinnirí & cúntóirí ar chúrsa C anois lán.

Cinnirí tí are 16/17-year-old house prefects who act as student leaders. Cúntóirí are post-leaving cert / 3rd level students who are over 18.

  • There are on average 10 students per house and cinnirí are usually 1-2 years older than the age group in a teach lóistín.
  • Tithe loistín (accommodations) for pre-leaving students have a cúntóir, a post-leaving cert or 3rd level student who is over 18, acting as house prefect. 
  • Cinnirí tí are under 18 and are themselves students.
  • Cúntóirí are over 18 and are part of the Coláiste’s staff. 
  • Cinnirí and cúntóiri have a very important role in offering support, help, guidance & encouragement.
  • They promote teamwork and facilitate the development of a sense of friendship, togetherness.
  • Selecting cinnirí & cúntóirí is a important undertaking as 100% confidence is needed in the good faith and sincerity of those who are asked to assume the role.
  • Cinnirí & cúntóirí are almost always former students of the coláiste and are well acquainted with all aspects of the cúrsa Gaeilge.
  • Applicants forward a written submission, are subsequently interviewed, attend a 4-day in-service course and supply two independent references testifying to their character and reliability. Cúntóirí are also Garda vetted.
Cúrsa C - Lán
Cúrsa C - Lán

Cinnire 2k20

Faoi lathair san Idirbhliain / 5ú Bliain
(Currently TY or 5th year)

Cúrsa C - Lán
Cúrsa C - Lán

Cúntóir 2k20

Faoi láthair i mBliain na hArdteiste / 3ú Leibhéal
( Currently in Leaving Cert. or 3rd level)