Cúrsaí 2k23

Gaeilge gan Eagla – Tá sí ar eolas ad.

Our sole mission is the promotion of spoken Gaeilge and to exert a positive influence on how our students perceive and engage with the language.


Sath. 03.06.23 – Domh. 25.06.23

Tá Cúrsa A Lán

Cúrsa A is full and the waiting list is closed.

Lán /Full €980


Luan 26.06.23 – Máirt 18.07.23

Tá Cúrsa B Lán

Cúrsa B is full and the waiting list is closed.

Lán / Full €980


Céad. 19.07.23 – Déar. 10.08.23

Tá Cúrsa C lán

Cúrsa C is full and the waiting list is closed

Lán / Full €980


Aoine 11.08.23 – Sath. 26.08.23

Tá Cúrsa D lán.

Cúrsa D is full and the waiting list is closed.

Lán / Full €730

Acquiring Gaeilge

Learning Gaeilge is a conscious activity that is usually applied inside a classroom while acquiring Gaeilge is a subconscious process that thrives on active participation and extended exposure. Language immersion is language acquisition in its purest form. By committing wholeheartedly to a 3-week immersion course, language acquisition follows automatically. Central to a balanced approach is having a language learning programme (classwork) that complements language acquisition (outside of classwork). This means that communication / conversation / everyday dialogue & chit chat/ pronunciation are all key elements in the learning program. We regard it as our role/ duty to do all we can to ensure that our students acquire Gaeilge where the language is internalised without deliberate memorization.

Acquiring Gaeilge is dependent on
three key factors:

SIOPA Lurgan

Barr Smaise – Faisean Galánta

Lurgan products are 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. They are free of chemicals and certified vegan friendly. Production of our clothing is Fair Wear approved.


Teanglann Ar Líne

OIDE is a unique and innovative online “Language Lab” that is being developed on an ongoing & voluntary basis by Lurgan.

TG Lurgan

Cainéal YouTube na Gaeilge

Cuimhní cinn ó siar na mblianta (memories of past summers) These projects have built a substantial following and have introduce the language to a world wide audience.

Lurgan Lingo

Liricí Ar Bharr Do Theanga

Listening to Irish language popular songs isn’t just more fun than drilling grammar concepts it is also away more effective. Using Lurgan Lingo will make it almost impossible for you to forget the lyrics

Our sole mission..

….is to promote Gaeilge, the cornerstone of Irish identity and culture. The Coláiste is situated in Indreabhán, a Gaeltacht area, where the language has been passed down for thousands of years. Students reside in Tithe Lóistin (local families) for the duration of their three week course with an average of 11 students accommodated with each family. We are non-profit and while Mná Tí receive some State support the coláiste does not. We operate on an admin cost of less than 6% with the rest of our budget being reinvested in running/developing our cúrsaí Gaeilge for our students.

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