Sath. 30/05/20 – Domh. 21/06/20 (22lá)

Lán / Full

Students who are currently in 1st & 2nd year.
Average age 14

€930 / Lán / Full


Luan 22/6/20 – Máirt 14/07/20 (22lá)

Places Available

Typical age profile - 5% 1st year, 30% 2nd year, 20% Junior cert, 20% TY, 25% Pre-leaving.
Average age 15-16.



Céad. 15/07/20 – Déard. 06/08/20 (22lá)

Lán / Full

Typical age profile - 20% 2nd year, 20% Junior cert, 30% TY, 30% Pre-leaving.
Average age 16-17.

€930 / Lán / Full


Aoine 07/08/20 – Sath. 22/08/20 (15lá)

Places Available

Students who are currently in TY and Pre-leaving.
Average age 17-18.


Acquiring Gaeilge

Learning Gaeilge is a conscious activity that is usually applied inside a classroom while acquiring Gaeilge is a subconscious process that thrives on active participation and extended exposure. Language immersion is language acquisition in its purest form. By committing wholeheartedly to a 3-week immersion course, language acquisition follows automatically. Central to a balanced approach is having a language learning programme (classwork) that complements language acquisition (outside of classwork). This means that communication / conversation / everyday dialogue & chit chat/ pronunciation are all key elements in the learning program. We regard it as our role/ duty to do all we can to ensure that our students acquire Gaeilge where the language is internalised without deliberate memorization.

Acquiring Gaeilge is dependent on three key factors:
Your Attitude ● Your Learning Partners ● Your Attentiveness

Lurgan BEO

Scouting for talent for 2k20 series - The lurgan BEO series as broadcast on TG4 was a great success and will be followed up with a new series next summer.

RG Lurgan

Tiúineál Isteach – Chilleáil Amach. RG-Lurgan is an internet radio station that plays Irish language versions of contemporary popular songs.


Teanglann Ar Líne (Online language Lab) - OIDE is a unique and innovative online language lab that is being developed on an ongoing & voluntary basis by Col. Lurgan.

Tg Lurgan

Cainéal YouTube – Cuimhní Cinn ó siar na mblianta (memories of past summers). These projects have built up a substantial following and have introduced the language to a world audience.

There is a €100 discount for 2nd and subsequent members of the same family. This is deducted when the balance is paid in the April/May.
Students can avail of an optional return bus travel (from Baile Átha Cliath, Cill Bheagáin, Portlaoise, Áth Luain) at an extra cost of €50.
Indreabhan 2020

Tá todhchaí na Gaeltachta fite fuaite le hoideachas na Gaeilge

Our sole mission..

….is to promote Gaeilge, the cornerstone of Irish identity and culture. The Coláiste is situated in Indreabhán, a Gaeltacht area, where the language has been passed down for thousands of years. Students reside in Tithe Lóistin (local families) for the duration of their three week course with an average of 11 students accommodated with each family. We are non-profit and while Mná Tí receive some State support the coláiste does not. We operate on an admin cost of less than 6% with the rest of our budget being reinvested in running/developing our cúrsaí Gaeilge for our students.