Coláiste Lurgan is an Independent Irish language summer school without any affiliation to other organisations or groups.


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  • Do Chéad Fáilte

    Chatting to friends as Gaeilge in a casual, informal manner is by far the highest level of engagement with the language.
    A three week immersion course provides unlimited opportunities to live the language and to fulfil your potential in becoming a competent, confident Irish language speaker.

    If you are interested in voluntarily contributing to an all-Gaeilge community and freely using the language for its own sake, then Coláiste Lurgan is the place for you.


  • Bealach taitneamnach le fanacht i dtiún leis an teanga ná a bheith ag éisteacht le amhráin as Gaeilge.

    Bailiúchán breá d’amhráin nuachumtha chomh maith le leaganacha Gaeilge de cheanna a bhfuil tóir orthu atá i TG Lurgan.

    Learning and singing along the lyrics of popular songs is an enjoyable as well as being a very effective way of improving your Gaeilge. So put on your headphones and give it a go.

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    Would you like to improve your confidence in speaking Gaeilge and develop your functional fluency in the language? If so, we invite you to undertake our six week program called “Sé Seachtaini” which kicks off on our Youtube Channel “TG Lurgan” on the 3rd March. The emphasis is very much on the sounds, rhythms and structures of everyday conversational Gaeilge with the aim of getting learners chatting as Gaeilge from the very beginning.

    Central to this initiative is OIDE our on-line Irish Language Lab where you can get accustomed to hearing your own voice speaking Gaeilge as you mimic native speaker audio. OIDE also incorporates a number of audio based interactive tasks that reinforce the learning targets of each lesson.

    Finally you are challenged anticipate and record their own responses to set questions on each lesson. OIDE is available from the App Store / Play Store and can also be installed on PCs and Macs. All of the different versions are run of a central database which updates learners recordings regardless which device they use.

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  • Foras-Lurgan

    Logging into FORÁS :

    Use the email address supplied on registration (user name) and your child’s registration number (password) to login. Both of these details were confirmed in our last correspondence sent to parents. They have also been forwarded by email.

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